5 razones para viajar a Islas Galápagos

Se dice que las islas del archipiélago de Galápagos están encantadas. Algún hechizo mágico convirtió a la flora y fauna de éste lugar en algo único, e imposible de encontrar en otro lugar del planeta. Viajar a Galápagos es una … Read More

Top 3 most beautiful beaches in Galápagos

The beaches of the Galapagos are not the stereotypical beaches you will find in other parts of the world; here, you can find white sand beaches surrounded by mangroves, black lava beaches and hidden coves, all abundant with wildlife like … Read More

Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The diving: located at the convergence of three ocean currents, this otherworldly archipelago offers a truly unique diving experience. There’s not a lot of coral, but the (friendly) hammerhead sharks, sea lions, turtles, marine iguanas, rays and such should keep … Read More