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If you’re a coffee lover, you’re going to love your stay at Semilla Verde! Semilla Verde has it’s own plantation comprising 12 acres of coffee producing trees and is proudly the world’s first producer of ‘tortoise friendly coffee’.

To date three thousand plus Arabica coffee (sp. Coffea arabica) trees of the bourbon/caturro varieties have been planted in the shade of a replanted forest of endemic and endangered Tree Daisies (sp. Scalesia pedunculata). And, they have been done so in a way as not to disturb the tortoise’s traditional migration routes.

This reforestation project and sustainable coffee plantation have received the approval and active support of the Galapagos National Park Service, Charles Darwin Foundation and Conservation International.

Galapagos coffee is reputed as being one of the finest coffees in the world, comparable with the Kona coffees of Hawaii, or as many would claim, even better!

Over 75% of the world’s coffee industry utilizes the Arabica coffee bean for its superior taste. The coffee tree itself requires Calcium, Magnesium and Nitrogen, that are ingredients typically found in rich supply in the volcanic soil type of the Galapagos Islands.

This soil coupled with the unique climatic conditions that are only found in this part of the Pacific Ocean and at the specific altitude of Semilla Verde Lodge allow the growth of a fine bean at very low altitude, just 800 to 1300 feet (200-400 meters) above-sea-level.

Our coffee comprises only the highest quality bean selected, and harvested by hand, sun dried and roasted in small batches to maintain the highest level of integrity and ensure the richest, freshest flavor.

At present we produce enough coffee for the hotel and include unlimited refills within the price of your room. And, a little extra on sale to our guests to take home!

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We invite you to step into another world, the original Galapagos, the true and enchanting islands. And, to experience the wonders of a rural, forest lodge and life amongst the unique wildlife you came so far to see.

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Our guests

Una de las mejores experiencias en nuestro viaje. Un hotel con sus tortugas gigantes y su propio café, la habitación gigante, walk in closet, maderas nobles, comedor y sala donde compartir con los demás pasajeros, jardines y senderos para perderse... maravilloso.
Carlos D.Naturaleza y lujo, y una atención excelente
Everyone loved the rooms, the location, the property, the tortoises, the breakfast and the great service. Can't recommend this place more highly. Makes many of the other places I have given five starts look weak.
Gulf-to-gulfOnly wish we had stayed longer!
It was surreal to pull in to the hotel to find giant tortoises just hanging around happily! The view from our balcony stretched as far as Fernandina Island on a clear day.
Ash9009A beautiful setting