The beaches of the Galapagos are not the stereotypical beaches you will find in other parts of the world; here, you can find white sand beaches surrounded by mangroves, black lava beaches and hidden coves, all abundant with wildlife like sea lions, pelicans, iguanas and so many more.

1. Tortuga Bay Beach, Santa Cruz Island

Tortuga Bay is one of the largest and most famous beaches of the Galapagos Islands. This beautiful white coral sand beach lies about a 2.5 km walk from Puerto Ayora and behind the main beach is a natural bay that is an excellent spot for sea kayaking and snorkeling. Discover the amazing underwater world of the Galapagos, including sea turtles, sea lions, and white-tipped sharks. Watch birds like pelicans, flamingos, and lava gulls, which come to this beach in search of food.

2. Gardner Bay Beach, Espanola Island

This beautiful beach is famous for the multitudes sea lions you’ll find lying around in the sand. You can meet these friendly animals up-close while witnessing amazing sunsets. Another great beach for snorkeling, with a diversity of tropical fish, and white-tipped reef sharks.

3. Bartolome Island Beach

The Bartolomé island beach is considered one of the most signature Galapágos destiny because of the its beauty; it is divided into north and south beach. In the northern beach is located a small port for landing and most of the year the water is gentle which is perfect for snorkeling; it is always surrounded by sea lions, colorful fish and penguins. In the south beach is accessed by a path that connects these two beaches, in here is not allowed to swim. Its main attractive is the pinnacle rock, it  is a huge lava formation that eroded over time. Bartolomé beach was nominated in 2013 as best beach destination in the world travel awards.


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